Custom Products

Custom Geosynthetic Products

Perforated Pipe Filtration available for 3” to 48” ID Pipe:

  • RM150 Polypropylene High Strength Tubular Pipe Filter
  • RM120 Polyester 100-micron filtration opening size (FOS)
  • RM75 Polypropylene 250-micron filtration opening size (FOS)

Pipe Joint Wrap:

  • RM150 30cm (12”) x 200m (656’)
  • RM150 40cm (16”) x 200m (656’)
  • RM150 50cm (20”) x 200m (656’)

Paving Overlay Textile

Randall’s Asphalt Paving overlay Textile creates a moisture barrier in the Asphalt pavement, thus increasing the roads life while reducing reflective cracking. The textile pavement interlayer functions as a waterproof barrier for subgrade foundation soil protection, which helps relives stress between the existing pavement and the asphalt overlay.

  • Asphalt Paving Fabric which includes single side infrared singeing and available in custom widths.

Air and Liquid Filtration

Our production team works with various fiber deniers and accommodate to a range of opening sizes and air permeability specifications.

  • Heating/Ventilation Systems (HVAC)
  • Polypropylene and Polyester Filter Bag Fabrics
  • Pleated or Flat Filters


Needlepunch fabrics can be inserted into injection molding machines to create composite components or simply compression molded on its own. At Randall Manufacturing we have our own proprietary blend of fibers which is used in the textile molding industry.


The Automotive Industry is focused toward lowering vehicle weight and decreasing NVH (Noise, Vibration and Harshness) which explains the highly increasing demand for the use of needlepunch fabrics in vehicles. Our technical team can create custom tailored products to meet precise requirements for the automotive sector.

  • Wheel Wells, Headliner, Door Panels, Body Panels, Trunk/Cargo Components

Home Products

Top of the bed items often contain needlepunch fabrics for warmth, comfort as well as thickness and density. Our fabrics can also be found under flooring to reduce noise and maintain temperature.

  • Mattress Pads, Comforters, Blankets, Furniture Lining, Floor Insulation, Ironing Boards


Randall Manufacturing produces needlepunch fabrics which are commonly used in a variety of coating and laminating processes as a robust substrate which can provide bulk thickness or simply a supportive layer.

Custom Felts and Fabrics

We provide custom solutions for value added resell manufacturers looking to increase efficiency and product quality. When a custom inquiry is brought to Randall, we administer our team of technical staff to propose creative resolutions and long-term strategies to uphold our product quality.