Our Team

Randy Clarke

Randy Clarke, president of Randall Manufacturing Inc., has focused his career for 30 plus years on being able to provide his clients with the best possible product offerings, in part by sourcing first in class equipment and team members that perfect the processes. He ensures the in house technical experts perfect machinery settings with proven formulas, resulting in a resilient end product.

Randy has built Randall Manufacturing as a supplier of geotextile products of the highest standards for uses in filtration, drainage, separation and reinforcement application.

Randy sets out to always meet and exceed your product requirements. His knowledge, and experience in the marketplace makes him the best partner in this field.

John DeSumma

John DeSumma, Vice President of Randall Manufacturing Inc. is a results-oriented and professional leader with over two decades of challenging and progressive experience focused on operations, sales management and people development.

He excels at building teams that provoke change and implement innovative strategies that consistently exceed expectations. John demonstrates exceptional communication, organization, resource management, negotiation and problem solving skills.